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What do you need to talk about?

Specific issues relate to the end of one's life. They include:

  • Whom do you want to make decisions for you if you are not able to make your own, both on financial matters and health care decisions? The same person may not be right for both.


  • What medical treatments and care are acceptable to you? Are there some that you fear?


  • Do you wish to be resuscitated if you stop breathing and/or your heart stops?


  • Do you want to be hospitalized or stay at home, or somewhere else, if you are seriously or terminally ill?


  • How will your care be paid for? Do you have adequate insurance?


  • What might you have overlooked that will be costly at a time when your loved ones are distracted by grieving over your condition or death?


  • What actually happens when a person dies? Do you want to know more about what might happen?


  • Will your loved ones be prepared for the decisions they may have to make?


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