Speaker Services for Congregations on Family CommunicationAn Hour with Your Congregation

None of us knows how long we will live.The longer we wait, the less time we have for what really matters : coming together again in love and forgiveness as a family. It is urgent to open the discussions that deal with money, love and legacy. 

Many of your congregants may be estranged from their children or parents. They want to begin a process of reconciliation with people they love, but don’t know how to begin. They may be facing the difficult task of end-of-life planning, yet are uncomfortable about sharing their preferences regarding legal, financial, medical and lifestyle matters with their children. 

They may be more comfortable about their relationship with God than they are with their family. The estrangement from the people they love may have happened years ago because of events and misunderstandings they didn't resolve. They may feel alienated and want to reconcile, but don’t know how to start these crucial conversations. They may not know what to say or fear being rebuffed after they say it. 

The information in books can be very effective in removing the pain of unfinished business between the generations...before it's too late. Please contact Helga for more information.

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