Legacy and ForgivenessForgiveness Feels Good

We’ve been taught to think of forgiveness as a gift we bestow on another. In reality, forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves. 

It doesn’t matter if the other person knows about it or not. It’s a self-affirming realization that we can shed a burden we’ve been carrying. We don’t have to forget, condone or excuse. What we’re doing when we forgive is separating the pain from the memory

Forgiveness only requires one person – you. That holds true whether you are the parent who wants to forgive a child or a child who wants to forgive your parent.

Here are a few suggestions to open conversations about forgiveness:

What could I have done differently?

Do you know how much I love you? 

What is the most important thing you want me to know?

What can I do now for us to move forward?

Money Love & Legacy explores this concept in depth through the author’s own story. The book offers guidelines for understanding your wound and provides the questions that will help you heal…and forgive.


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