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Families don’t like to think that money and love have any relationship with each other. Unfortunately, this is a myth; money insinuates itself into family relationships whether we like to admit it or not.

We assume we have plenty of time to clear up misunderstandings, forgive wrongs and resolve unfinished emotional issues. Actually, none of us knows how much time we have. That’s why it’s vital to initiate the crucial conversations that parents and children need to have before it’s too late.

Under the best of circumstances, money is a touchy and often difficult subject to initiate. In the context of discussing inheritance or financial planning, the resistance increases and the discomfort is magnified. 

Social custom teaches us that it’s rude to pry into parents’ financial affairs or to raise subjects with our children that will make everyone uncomfortable. But it’s crucial to move past the resistance because families can be ripped apart by money issues that could have been navigated with calmness and mutual respect.



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Conversations between parents and children about money